Food flavours

We’re manufacturing the flavours in liquid form and spray-dried form.

Liquid flavours: the aromatic base is dissolved in liquid carriers/solvents.

The choice of the carrier affects the flavour profile and termo-stability of the fla-vour.

We’re using the following main carriers/solvents :

– glycols: MPG (E1520) combined with GTA (E1518) and glycerin (E422);

They can be used in cream, fillings, cakes, hard candies, jellies etc.

– plant oils

The plant oil based flavours are dedicated mostly to the baked products, also is baits.

– ethyl alcohol

The ethanol based flavours are used in non-alcoholic beverages, cream and fill-ings. Acc. to the fiscal legislation in EU , their use is resticted to the non-alcoholic products, so that they’re manufactured only on specific demand and handled to customers against special documents.

– emulsions O/W

This is a “value-for-money” solution for the flavours from our Confectionery Line Dr Hoffmann. The flavour is suspended in oil-in-water emulsion.

Powder (spray-dried) flavours

The flavour grains are „closed” in a maltodextrin capsule. They’re used in powder desserts like puddings, creams, teas and soft-drinks etc.

All flavours are conform with the local and EU legislation.

They can be used in “quantum satis” in all food products acc. to the limits resulting from the content of the limited substances (eg. MPG, GTA) declared on the Data Sheets.

Flexibility is our motto – please tell us in what kind of product you’re going to use the flavours and you’ll get within short the appropriate sample and value-for-money offer.