New products

New flavours in our range:

1. almond and almond oil; dedicated for use in baked goods and fat fillings as Marchpane-sweet nat.-id. – delicate combination of the notes of roasted well.

2. Lemon nat.-id. – for teas and soft-drinks

3. Mango, Melon and Passiflora – dedicated for ice-creams, sorbets and hard candies.

4. Whisky – for fat fillings.

FLAVOURS based on O/W emulsion

Packed in 1l bottles, for use by confectionners in creams, fillings and baked cakes as well.

The use of the water as a carrier allows to avoid a dosage limits for MPG.

Now available emulsion-flavours are :

– vanilla

– cream

– rhum

– almond

– lemon

– orange